Sunday, April 13, 2014

Texas State Flower: Bluebonnets

The boys weren't exactly looking forward this, but we made it short & sweet.  Bluebonnet pictures.  They actually had fun & I was the only one who stepped in the ant pile.  Ouch.  I love the smell of bluebonnets as I'm surrounded by them.  It takes me back to my childhood & many happy memories.  We had fun exploring the hill where Karolyn works, checking out the cactus & looking for the deer we saw there last year.  I'll cherish these times & these pictures forever.

More Spring Break fun

I would have enjoyed going out of town during Spring Break, but there were so many things happening here locally that we all had so much more fun staying home.  The boys enjoyed helping at the convention grounds while the brother workers tackled another project.  We delivered donuts one afternoon, brought up supper, helped clean up the cook-house on the day they all left, and played a bit too!  It was so nice to be there.  The boys loved time with Dan & the others.  Benjamin completed another K1 speed race with Mason & Chase.  They had fun.  We spent a tiny bit of time with Auntie Amy since she flew down to do some house hunting.  What great news that Ryan's job is bringing them to Round Rock.  I see lots of cousin time in the very near future.  Our boys can hardly believe it.  We love our cousins & most of them live very, very far away. 

Road Trip to Lockhart State Park

Thanks to great toll roads in our area, Lori & I took a little roadtrip with the kids to Lockhart State Park to meet up with friends who were camping there.  The kids had so much fun fishing, doing kites, each lunch together, exploring, & hanging out.  It was great to see our Houston friends again.  On a side note - Trevin managed to slip & fall into the creek (pictured below).  He was most helpfully pulled out by Mason.  Whew. Thankfully we had packed an extra set of clothes for the boys. 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Thinkery Museum

We enjoyed lots of exploring, wet shirts, creating & learning while we spent time with Mason, Chase & the princess at the Thinkery during Spring Break.  We are so glad it opened in Austing & we look forward to many more visits to the museum.