Friday, September 25, 2015

LegoFest Austin - 2015

Several years ago, we went to the LegoFest event in Austin.  It was tons of fun for all & the boys have been wanting to do it again.  This year the event came back to Austin on the weekend of Trevin's birthday.  This was a perfect chance to start his 6th birthday celebration & enjoy a fun event together.  We rode the metro into Austin with Auntie Amy & Malia.  It was a relaxing 45 minute ride without the hassle of Friday night traffic.  We had a fabulous evening together & the boys really enjoyed seeing the new things that the LEGO company presented this time.


It was a big day for this sweet boy.  He had been looking forward to starting school all summer long.  But when summer was winding down, he changed his tune!  We had big discussions about how he was going to miss mommy.  We had long talks about growing up & going to school with Benjamin.  All in all, the first day was a success!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

4th grade

4th grade:  a new hallway, Texas History, multiple teachers for different subjects, 1 more year after this of elementary school, helping the younger kids out at school, more responsibilities at school.
I can't believe how big Benjamin is. 
It is fun to keep track of the boys' growth.  For the first 3 years for the boys - Trevin was ahead of Benjamin in height by at least 2.5 inches.  But Benjamin had some huge growth that he & Trevin measured the same height at 3 years.  Considering their sizes at birth, this is remarkable (Benjamin:  4lbs, 13oz, Trevin:  7lb, 4oz).  Ever since then, their yearly height is the same.  We are going to have tall boys!!

School Begins!

They took little pieces of my heart...the morning they left for school.  It was a big moment.  Big brother & little brother going off together to school.  Kinder & 4th we come!