Tuesday, October 14, 2014

School days

August 26, 2014
3rd grade!!
a new school
a new mode of transportation - we can walk!!
a new teacher
new classmates & friends to meet
Benjamin took it all in stride...so proud of him.

 Fun lunch date at ChickFilA on 8/25 the last day of our summer vacation

Welcome Walk 2014 - Benjamin's teacher came by our house a few days before school started to meet him.  I didn't get pictures of the sidewalk, but the boys had fun drawing & writing on the driveway & sidewalk to welcome her to our home. 
 Trevin feels like big stuff going off to his Pre-K class.  I'm so glad it is only for part of the day so I have some time with him before Benjamin gets out of school.  Next year will feel so different.

Monday, October 6, 2014

A New Cousin to adore

It's a girl!!  An adorable, teeny, tiny bundle of cuteness.  Kaiya was born a bit early, so she was little...nearly 5 lbs.  It was so strange to hold her & try to remember Benjamin once being her size.  I had completely forgotten the feeling, but it was so precious to hold her & consider the miracle of life again.

More Austin Fun

Zilker Nature Science Center & Trading Post

Round Rock High School Band...great performance for Parent Night

 Last swim this summer.

When it's hot, you can't go wrong by taking the kids to yet another splashpad. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Thinkery Adventures

Before school started we took one last trip to the newest Children's Museum in Austin.  Benjamin was fascinated by the 3d printer & was checking out the 3d shark that just came off the printer.  So cool.  We slipped into the Science Lab just in time to do a fun science experiment....Float, Sink, or Flink.  Great fun to have Nana with us as well as cousins.