Friday, March 24, 2017

West Fork by Oak Creek - Sedona, AZ


Spring Break Part 2: Sedona, AZ

A few hours north from Phoenix is Sedona!  It is difficult to find words to describe the beauty there.  Loved our hikes, sunset & sunrise views, & just being together here.  The weather was so pleasant & aside from Trevin pulling me into the creek a few times as we were crossing creeks, we had a grand time(even with wet feet)!

Spring Break Part 1: Phoenix

Our roadtrip begin Friday as soon as the boys finished school.  Surprisingly that night was the only time on the whole trip when we encountered any rainstorm.  I was glad to get thru it!  Accuweather was showing purple.  Hmm.
We made a few stops along the way, but arrived in Phoenix Saturday evening.  Lovely day Sunday with meetings, lunch with cousins, time with Grandma (93 yo), visit with my wonderful friend Ginny & family.  Monday we spent the day with Grandma at her apartment...swimming, lunch, Mexican Train, visits.  I loved hearing her testimony again.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Look Up

Our dear friend Mary reminded us that Trevin wrote her a little letter once that told her to "Look Up".

I love to remember the days that Mary helped me to this very thing.  It was at a very difficult chapter in my life...

I found myself looking up this past week on our see God's natural beauty in creation as well as at those who serve & labor for Him.  It all encourages me so much.

Today I share with you:


The clouds so puffy, the sky so blue
Ever changing, ever moving, ever new.
So beautiful - is it more special today?
Could it be any minute I might see Jesus on his way?!

How I look and wait with hope so high
The first signs should be there in the sky
But, it could be even in a very dark night
Or when it's beautifully filled with light.

Ever ready, ever looking up to see
For one day I know He'll come for me.
I want to be ready, waiting for the day
When He comes to take me - to His home to stay.

Pat V. 9.3.2010