Saturday, March 19, 2016

Spring Break 2016

We have planned a roadtrip to Phoenix for at least the past 3 Spring Breaks, but something has always come wise, kids being sick, etc.  So once again, we missed out on seeing my dear Grandma & family.  Our week was filled with fun...cousin time with Finley and the other Klepzig kiddos, a few days at a condo on Horseshoe Bay, Irish Festival on St. Patrick's Day, picking strawberries at Sweet Berry Farms, watching the fantastic James & the Giant Peach play in downtown Austin where we surprised to see Benjamin's former classmate starring as James. 

Now I'm looking ahead to starting my new job next week.  Happy Spring to everyone!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Texas Day

 One of the best days for Trevin in kindergarten was Texas Day. They saw a demonstration of branding (on wood).  Several cowboys put on a show...Germanator rope a stuffed cow, Cowboy Steve bull dogged it (knocked it on it’s side) and Armadillo Lance pretend branded it.  Then they did some singing, learned about brands and ranches and had a stampede. They made a stick horse and a bandana, did some Texas games and dancing, played horseshoes and of course, rode the pony.

A history lesson for any & all - this year was the 180th anniversary of the signing of the Texas Declaration of Independence from Mexico in 1836 at Washington on the Brazos.  It was March 2, 1836 when 59 delegates bravely met in Washington, Texas to make a formal declaration of independence from Mexico. From 1836 until 1846, the Republic of Texas proudly existed as a separate nation.

Battle of the Bluebonnets

Yesterday Benjamin & 4 other students from their elementary school participated the Battle of the Bluebonnets - a fun district wide school competition/game show quiz.  It consisted of 40 questions from the 20 Bluebonnet Books.  It was a huge honor to be selected to be on the team & the kids did great. 

 Here is the clip from the local news channel. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Sweet memories

Today one of my dearest friends leaves the US to return to her foreign field.  I am filled with such thankfulness for the weekend I spent with her this summer in SD.  Those memories are a treasure for us both!  This was my 40th birthday present from my boys.  I can hardly think of a better gift. 

I'll never forget our quick phone call last night & getting to sing a hymn with the boys just for her.