Saturday, January 24, 2015

Getting Started

This year I turn 40! 
I have many things on my bucket list for this year.  One of them is....running a 5k!  I've ran a lot in the past, but never once have I been in a race.  Running was a wonderful way to get exercise & clear my mind during college, PT school, & even afterwards.  I've switched to other forms of exercise (HIIT, free weights) and haven't done a lot of cardio recently.  So, let the training begin!

The best part of the Truffle Shuffle (yep, it's on 2/14/15) is that my sister is running with me!
Brooks Ghost 7 Running Shoe. Best running shoe I've ever owned!! DEFINITELY would recommend!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Here WE Go

While I love blogging & keeping up the chapters in our life, I haven't found a good time to consistently blog about our household.  The experiences & lessons of life taught me to do less & spend more time with my little ones, with my husband, & just enjoy life. 
But I can't quit...journaling here really helps me with our Picaboo year book.  So, I'm going to restructure & reorganize things to make it easier for me to blog. 
We started the year with coughs & sniffles.  Thankfully we have not joined the Flu Club.  I worked 5-6 hours each day for 2 weeks during the boys' break.  It was a balancing act, but they truly enjoyed time with Russell.  Our cousins hosted a New Year's Brunch which was loads of fun with games & yummy food.  Then we came home & enjoyed a quiet evening together....thinking about the new year ahead. 
Since then we've visited the Austin aquarium, had a sleepover with cousins, gone to a funeral, started school again and have begun planning our 2015 travels. 

"Look, Papa, let's touch the stingray."

 Little hands touching the hard turtle shell

Breakfast together after the sleepover...and for the record, all 4 kids slept soundly all night long.  I'm the one who didn't....I tossed & turned, wondering when one of them was going to get up & wake the rest of the household!  Of course!  I sure wish I could quite worrying about things...

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

September: Part 1

ARC family night at Dell Diamond  - a beautiful evening to enjoy some baseball, fun & games for the boys.


 98 privileged to know & love this Great Grandma

 Happy 5th birthday to our 'little' Trevin.  He had a full day & full week of celebrations...potluck after union meeting with lots of friends helping him eat his birthday cake.  For supper, we had cousins over for oatmeal pancakes - our favorite Sunday supper
Cupcakes with Trevin's pre-K class.  So fun to get to have Malia in his class too.  They have a great time together.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

School days

August 26, 2014
3rd grade!!
a new school
a new mode of transportation - we can walk!!
a new teacher
new classmates & friends to meet
Benjamin took it all in proud of him.

 Fun lunch date at ChickFilA on 8/25 the last day of our summer vacation

Welcome Walk 2014 - Benjamin's teacher came by our house a few days before school started to meet him.  I didn't get pictures of the sidewalk, but the boys had fun drawing & writing on the driveway & sidewalk to welcome her to our home. 
 Trevin feels like big stuff going off to his Pre-K class.  I'm so glad it is only for part of the day so I have some time with him before Benjamin gets out of school.  Next year will feel so different.