Tuesday, April 7, 2015

2015 Spring Break Trip: Oakland

Lovely Oakland....it gets overlooked by many people.  We had a fabulous time - fantastic restaurants, great coffee, private tour of the 'floating White House', fun medium sized zoo with a skytram from which you can see the bay, fresh goodies from a local farmers market, etc.  Yes, Lonely Planet rates this as one of the top 2015 destinations.  Next up:  Lake Tahoe

Thursday, March 12, 2015

A big week for Trevin

This week Trevin:
-graduated to a 1/8th size violin (anyone need a 1/10th size?)
-completed Kindergarten Roundup (he's signed up for school)
-changed his mind about 'staying 5 forever'...he turned 5 1/2!
-helped pack his suitcase & new backpack for our CA trip

Now we are off for a fabulous Spring Break adventure...California bound!

Special Meeting week

Our special meeting week was full of special visitors, birthday surprises, coffee visits, lunches, & more.  Our cousins Scott was back in TX for special meetings.  He & cousin Rachel joined us for lunch one day.  We loved hearing all about IL/IN/MI & they loved hearing a violin performance.
We surprised Auntie Jennifer with a famous Round Rock Donut to celebrate her birthday (a bit early).  Lavina joined us too!

Dinner at Pho Dan with Auntie...experiencing a tiny bit of Vietnam with her.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Not to be left out...

Other birthdays earlier this year...
Say 'cheese' Trevin...not sure where the birthday boy went...but we found Mr. Jax later sporting a fantastic superhero cape made by his Grandma Teresa.  And wow!  All the kiddos got to take one home.  Made just-for-them.  Super wow.

Simply adorable....we love this girl to pieces.  (especially Trevin)