Thursday, June 18, 2015

On to 4th grade!

The last day of school was jam packed with fun.  It coincided with National Doughnut Day - hence our donut celebration afterward school was out.  Benjamin had a fabulous year & the boys are excited about the prospect of being in school together next year. 

Wimberley Market Days

Amy & I took a Saturday off & did some exploring in a neat town about an hour away - Wimberley.  Their Market Days event is once a month with includes acres & acres of vendors selling a little of everything and amazing BBQ just in case you get hungry during all the walking & shopping.  Amy found a great headboard for Malia's bed & light fixtures for their home.  My find: a mahagony side table for our living room for $10!   We can't wait to go again (and take our husbands too).

 My great find!

Saturday, June 6, 2015


Completion of pre-K means our Trevin is ready....ready to learn even more in Kindergarten, ready to meet more friends, ready to go to school with Benjamin.  It is just the beginning of lots of learning.  He had a fabulous year, sharing many experiences with his cousin & classmate Malia. 

Each student had a part in the graduaion.  Trevin spoke his part LOUD and clear...."We already knew our letter sounds like "W", w-w-w.  W-W-W What's happening dude?  W-W-W What's going on with You?  So we learned how to read."  Then the class read a story out loud about Matt & Tom. 

Way to go, Trevin & Malia!!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

I was showered with love, hugs & kisses for Mother's Day.  The boys made me feel so special & Trevin was quite fond of randomly giving me a mass of kisses...."just because it is your day, Mommy."  So, so sweet & I loved it so much.  I am just so grateful for these little lives entrusted to me & want to make the most of being their mother.  This time of the year is always one of joy & pain together.  We miss Grandma Jean so, so much.
Beautiful weekend weather to go out to the Oasis for dinner

On Sunday...Trevin loves wearing ties.  We don't have enough ties to coordinate with all his dress shirts, so this brown one has become the 'go to' tie.