Monday, June 23, 2014

Recital time

Benjamin completed the Suzuki Violin Book 1 this spring.  His teacher encouraged him to give a recital - so he chose 5 songs to play for friends & family.  It was a great experience for him & I enjoyed being able to accompany him.  I think I was more nervous that he was.  He played:  Lightly Row; Long, Long Ago (same tune as Cleansing for Me in our hymnbook); Perpetual Motion; Minuet 1; Gavotte. 

Their teacher's spring recital was held at an assisted living center in Austin.  Benjamin played Gavotte and was given a medal in recognition of completing Book 1.  Trevin played the 1st variation of Twinkle (Pepperoni Pizza) & did a perfect job.  He is Ms Alexis' youngest student.  His buddy Hank (age 5) also played at that recital.  They have just started having group lessons together & love it so much.

Goodbye to dear friends

We took a quick trip one weekend to south Houston to say goodbye to dear friends - Mike & Traci - who are moving to NC.  It has been really fun watching their little boys grow every year & hopefully we'll get to see them again before they've graduated from high school.  The goodbye potluck was combined with the annual crawfish boil hosted by Cliff & Gina.  Lots of nice visits & great food. 

 Gina & her chicken coop in wheels - quite impressive & the kids loved feeding the chicken some special food (June bugs)

The little town of Rosenburg has a great train museum which the boys loved.  They are ready to build their on model railroad scene now. 

Pulling levers to "move" the switches on the track - the railroad engineers were using this system until only 10 years ago.


Cat in the Hat

Mom (aka Nana) bought us tickets to a wonderful production of Cat & The Hat.  The cast members were amazing & it was just so fun to watch.  My favorite character was Mr. Fish..."Out! Out!  Out of this house!...Now, let me repeat, and I don't like to shout, but he should not be here when your mother is out!" 


May: Part 1

Lots of memories were made in May...attending Austin Carlson's last Orchestra concert (directed by our 'old' orchestra director.  It was so neat to see her again.  Trevin was delighted to share desserts with me at his preschool - in honor of Mother's Day.  He feels like such a big boy going to his school & was thrilled that cousin Malia also attended the same school in May.  We've made the most of our pleasant spring weather...meeting new friends at several nearby parks.  Trevin tells me, "Vienna is just soooo cute."  Yep, I agree.  What a baby doll.