Friday, July 26, 2013

Summer 2013 - So much to do!

We've done nearly everything on our summer list!  We've made some great memories along the way...

-fantastic beach trip to Clearwater
-meeting cousins at Grandma's house & savoring her special rolls
-3D IMAX film on Monarch butterflies
-swimming lessons - SUCCESS
-game night on our back patio using our new Costco outdoor furniture.  We love our new furniture...Perfect for morning coffee & bible studies, perfect for evening unwinding time with my husband, perfect for watching the rain showers with our boys, perfect for watching the boys play. 
-time with special friends Jesse & Nelson
-touring InnerSpace Caverns with cousins & Nana
-snowcones at Kawaii's....yum
-K1 gokart racing for Benjamin, Chase & Mason
-lots of evening swims with Nana & Papa
-Rockin' River Play date with Mason & Chase
-meeting Mr. Critterman & learning about lots of interesting creatures
-library summer reading program...lots of prizes & great coupons for the kids

Maybe we'll sneak a few more things in before Benjamin goes back to school on 8/12
? Round Rock Express Game
?Zip Zaps
?touring Blue Bell Creamery in Brenham

2 happy thoughts:

Aleta said...

Sounds lovely! We miss you!

Mo said...

Lots of great summer memories!! Your outdoor furniture looks great and sounds perfect!!